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The first, I’m giving you more of… and the second, you’ll have much less! The average person spends over 20-30 hours researching their vacations - even more for people trying to build a group trip. There are far too many options and companies to work with - and its hard to know which ones are legit and which will have you sitting in a 5 hour timeshare presentation. This is where I leverage my expertise and relationships with suppliers all over Mexico and the Caribbean. You just sit back and relax - I will do all the homework for you!

Huge shout out to Dana with MUSE Travelers Vacations for a stress free vacation! She took care of everything for us so we could just go and enjoy our amazing trip to Cozumel!!!!
— Kari Bonin


“Cheap” and “value” are two completely different monsters. I make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck, while also price matching 3, 5…. sometimes 10 suppliers to make sure you are getting the the best price for that package. I also help my clients avoid costly mistakes that could cost them hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Dana is amazing! She saved me and my girlfriends a bunch of money on our girls trip in October. Definitely the go to travel agent. She takes this business very seriously and loves [to] help create memories for ALL!
— Danielle Aldrich


I have spent the last few years becoming certified in destinations and the resorts within - while also personally touring the properties to get a better understanding of them. I know which resorts are swarming with kids or spring breakers, which are adult-only … and which are “adult” (( big difference, wink wink )). I know what the beaches look like as well as who have the best churros.

Awesome experience and we will be using your services again in the future. Thank you very much for your help in making sure we had everything we needed for a successful trip.
— Adam Rubman


Unlike the online websites you’ve used to shop travel with over the last 10 years, I am a real person who takes you and your financial investment seriously. Over the planning process, I will learn your likes and needs, and over time, create a relationship with you that will hopefully carry on into the future.

The best part of working with Dana was her willingness to always be available leading up to our big trip! From answering my endless questions (which I probably asked five times each because my bride-mind couldn’t remember anything) to making sure that we had everything we needed - Dana was always on top of it all!!
— Nikki Carter


When you book online, you’re paying what is called a “gross rate.” That will include (amongst other things) a commission for an agent even though you’re not using the services of one. Talk about a waste of money! Have you ever booked a trip and had to use their call-center? No bueno!

Without MUSE Travelers my vacation plans would have been a bust. I am so grateful for everything! Couldn’t be happier!
— Sarah Spiekerman

“Travel is meant to be enjoyed, not stressed over.”